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Automotive Technology
James Williamson, Instructor:
Course Description:
This course gives students a great knowledge of the automobile inside and out. Body work, engine repair, etc.

Courses Taught
Basic Auto Electricity (ADX 120 & 121)
Engine Repair (ADX 150 & 151)
Climate Control (ADX 170 & 171)
Electrical Systems (ADX 260 & 261)
Brake Systems (AUT 110 & 111)
Manual Transmission (AUT 130 & 131)
Basic Fuel/Ignition System (AUT 140 & 141)
Emission Systems (AUT 142 & 143)
Suspension & Steering (AUT 160 & 161)
Automatic Transmission (AUT 180 & 181)
Computer Control Systems (AUT 240 & 241)

Building and Apartment Maintenance
Currently Vacant, Instructor:
Course Description:
This course introduces students to Plumbing, Residential wiring, Residential HVAC. This program also gives it students an introduction to carpentry.

Courses Taught
Intro to Bldg & Apt Maint (BAM 100)
Residential Interior Maint (BAM 120 & 125)
Residential Maint Plumbing (BAM 130 & 135)
Residential Maint Wiring (BAM 140 & 145)
Residential HAVC Maint (BAM 150 & 155)
Basic Blueprint Reading (BRX 120)  (.5 CR)
Industrial Safety (ISX 100)  (.5 CR)

BAM Webpage

Phillip Sparkman, Instructor:
Course Description:
The mission of this program is to provide instruction in the skills and knowledge to secure employment in the carpentry trade or enter an apprenticeship program. Instruction in the proper use of tools, building layout, form building, framing, rafter and joist construction, interior and exterior walls, installation of doors and windows, flooring, trim and paneling and finishing is included.

Courses Taught
Blueprint Reading for Const(BRX 220)  (.5 CR) 
Intro to Carpentry (CAR 126 & 127) 
Site layout & Foundations (CAR 140 & 141) 
Floor & Wall Framing (CAR 190 & 191) 
Workplace Principles (WPP 200) (.5 credit) 
Ceiling & Roof Framing (CAR 196 & 197) 
Exterior & Interior Finish (CAR 200 & 201) 
Fundamentals of Mathmatics (MTH100)  (.5CR) 
Industrial Safety (ISX 100)

Carpentry Webpage

Computer Systems Technology
Scottie Stamper, Instructor:
Course Description:
The mission of this program is to prepare the student to enter the electronics field at the technician level. Classroom and laboratory experiences in the use, theory, troubleshooting and repair of electronics equipment, data processing equipment and a specialization in computers and networks.

Courses Taught
Computer Maint. Essent. (IT 105)
Advanced Comp. Maint. (IT 205)
Networking Core Tech. (NIS 160)
Web Page Development (IT 132)

Info-Tech Webpage

Health Sciences
Melissa Waddell, Instructor:
Course Description:
Designed to introduce students to the health field. Medical terminology, microbiology, anatomy, certification in first aid/CPR, and state registration as a nurse aid.

Courses Taught
CPR / Safety&First Aid  (CPR100/SFA100)
Medical Math/Dosage Calcu (FHM 100)
Health Growth/Dev./Wellness  (AHS 100)
Anatomy & Physiology (HEA 110)
Medical Terminology (AHS 120)
Infection Control (AHS 130)
Practicum I (HEA 198)
Practicum II (HEA 298)
Intro Health/Workplace Princ (HEA102/WPP200)
Kentucky Medication Aide KMA (100)
Medicaid Nurse Aide (MNA100)

Nursing Webpage

Motorcycle Repair

Roger Teague, Instructor:
Course Description:
This course gives students a great knowledge of Motorcycles and ATV's from the inside and out. This program covers concepts that include basic body work, engine repair and performance enhancement.

Courses Taught
Intro to Motorcycles (MOT 100)
Advanced Engines / Drive Systems (MOT 200)
Diagnostics / Troubleshooting Lab (MOT 220)

Motorcycle Repair Webpage

Office Technology
Teresa Grigsby, Instructors:
Course Description:
This course introduces students to aspect of working in a office enviroment. Course includes keyboarding, accounting, office procedures and desktop publishing.

Courses Taught
Accounting 101 (ACT 101)
Office Proced/Pers.Finance (OST 215/BA 120) Computers/Keyboarding (CIS 100/OST 100) Desktop Publish. (OST 225)
Document Format/Word Process. (OST 110)
WPP Prin./Personal Finance (WPP200/BA 120)

Office Technology Webpage
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